If you missed it last year, hope you didn't miss the battle  this year. It  was on fire!!  JUNE 5TH 2016 @ THE CATHEDRAL #MEETYOUHAIR For info visit www.majorfade.com

Talk Bout Media Group Attended

the Barber Battle Expo 2015 

The Day was a great success as Mr Marc James 

was your host for the evening. Check out these

amazing talented people we have right here in our City Toronto


Just about a week ago, after the closing night of a dramatic, witty, relatable stage play: A Gift For Mom is still riding my mind, the ending has me craving for more, now that's powerful writing.  

Written by Basil Dewkins and directed by Douglas Prout, a well-renowned director and actor as well, who made a big announcement in his interview with us. We are in hopes that A Gift For Mom will return for yet another run here in Toronto. Debuted on September 18th through to the 20th the cast reflected a story like no other with a twist that mom won't soon forget. I would give you a synopsis but while interviewing the director, he broke it down much better than I could.  

The starring role was played by Dahlia Harris straight from Jamaica, who had to rush to the airport directly after the curtains closed. Harris has a strong presence with the Jamaican stage audience, her accolades are tremendous, too many to mention here. 
New-comer Danian Lloyd proved himself to be a star as the twenty-something-year-old
actor played a teenager who granted his mother an unsuspecting gift. Troy Crossfield and Karen Simpson are no strangers to the stage with multiple titles under their belts, with some exciting news of their own, they did not disappoint. The perfect blend of talent, sexy, and skill, that is what I would say about the cast and crew. If you're lucky enough to have A Gift For Mom return to the stages of Toronto, or anywhere they are "playing", please do not miss curtain call. You will be presently entertained and surprised at the gifted talents, and stories Toronto Theater has to offer.  

Talk Bout Media Group had the pleasure of speaking with the cast of A Gift For Mom.   

~Flower Pryce 


Type your paragraph here.Talk Bout Media attended a unique blend of food and soul. Strictly Acoustic with  Rock n Red combined to create what we think Toronto was missing. A little more class, style, rhythm and good eats all in one. The event was host to special guests Christian Kalpee & The Entourage. Enjoy

July 2016

Type your paragraph here.Talk Bout Media had the opportunity and pleasure to be in the likes of greatness, talent, and history in the making with legends like Cocoa Tea and Junoir Reid to name a few. The First of it's kind in Toronto the S.O.R Fest brought new names and opened up old memories. If you were in attendance sit back and reminisce, if you missed it, you missed one of the best shows of the year thus far but TBM has got your back, we captured the moments for you. Sing, laugh, enjoy.

JUNE 2016

Behind The Scene's with MMJ featuring Christian James "Forever"
Brand new artist Christian James has created his "Forever" check out a short behind the scenes to wet your tongue. Check out the full video on YouTube. Hire TBM for your next project of all genres and occasions. 

May 2017

Type your paragraph here.A spontaneous walk in Yorkville brought me to a little bouquet with a large presence. Tanya Heath Paris shoe collection will change the way you think about swollen feet, not going out after a longs days work, or the fact that you can go from day to night in one click- forever. My new favourite place on Earth. Visit www.tanyaheathcanada.com for details and drop into the store for monthly sales and specials.

JUNE 2016


DIGO'S Pepper Jelly is created with love right in the beautiful island of Jamaica and is only available in Jamaica. But no worries you can always get your jelly fix in selected stores when you are there and at the airport before you retune home. Below is the information. 
2 Hampers And A Mule- Norman Manley International Airport JA
Reggae Mart & Reggae Shop- Sangsters International Airport JA
Loshusana's Supermarket- Barbican JA
John R Wongs Supermarket- New Kingston JA
General Foods Supermarket- Ocho Rios JA



We at TBM had the opportunity to cover The Caribbean Tales Film Festival 2015 
Celebrating 10 Years in 
film.  The after event courtesy of Reggae Hub. 
We have a lot of great talents and events right here in Toronto.

Catering, decor, fashion and more this is what you will get when you talk bout ROCK N' RED INC. This dynamic duo is headed for the top. Hashtag #ROCKNREDINC or #ROCKNREDBABY to find the latest updates for this growing company. Talk Bout Media Group captured the moments.

March 2016